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Organisation / What we do
Organisation / What we do


Powerful and poised. When diplomacy fails, we’re ready to respond to any threat - anywhere in the world.

Responding to life-threatening situations

Whether disasters are human-made or natural, the results are often the same: fractured infrastructure, shortages of food and water, and a lack of essential services like sanitation and electricity.
Royal Marine on one knee aims his gun while two two helicopters fly overhead

Deploying rapidly

We’re prepared to deploy rapidly across the globe in order to save lives and support all ranks and equipment of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, both in peacetime and in wartime.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to operate effectively by sea, land and air. Our versatile fighting arms mean we can deliver a comprehensive line of attack, whatever the situation.

Royal Navy sailor smiles whilst on parade

Maintaining excellence

People are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we put time and effort into selecting the very best candidates for our jobs, training them to the highest standards and helping them stay at the cutting edge of their profession.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Reserves are key to our operations. Trained to the same rigorous standards as our regular forces, they combine their civilian life with a part-time military career – and it’s their tireless dedication that gives us the edge.

Royal Navy sailors fix a corrugated iron roof

Restoring infrastructure

From frozen tundra to dense jungle, we’re used to getting the job done in challenging conditions. No power? No problem. No water? We‘ll improvise.

Overcoming adverse conditions is all in a day’s work for our teams, so we’re ready and able to re-establish law and order, restore water and power, or repair airstrips, roads and buildings.

Three Royal Navy sailors role a huge humanitarian aid water tank along the ground

Providing aid

By combining the brute strength and capability of our fleet with the agility of the Fleet Air Arm’s helicopters, we can quickly get supplies, skills and support to disaster zones when it’s needed most.

Our capability, tenacity and creativity have made a lifesaving difference in Sri Lanka, Haiti, the Philippines and the Caribbean Islands.

Two Royal Navy medics support lady and a baby wrapped in a blanket

Getting people to safety

From evacuations during crises through to rescue and repatriation following natural disasters, we’re here for the people of the UK and its territories.

We also provide emergency medical evacuations to ships and islands in British waters, and conduct rescue missions closer to home - returning stranded swimmers and surfers to shore.


Merlin helicopter aboard the deck of an aircraft carrier surrounded by humanitarian aid supplies

Preparing for the worst

A capable military plans and prepares for emergencies we hope you’ll never see.

Whether that’s sandbagging homes in the Lake District as floodwaters rise, assisting emergency services following civil unrest, or restoring calm and order to overseas territories following natural disasters - our people are poised and prepared.