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Organisation / What we do
Organisation / What we do


Our imposing presence on the global stage is a powerful deterrent to anyone wanting to cause harm or challenge our free trade.

Eliminating threats

Tensions threatening the UK’s interests can arise anywhere in the world, from the frozen waters of the Antarctic to the seas surrounding Somalia.

We’re strategically positioned around the globe - on, under and above the high seas - ready to respond with force when we need to.
Royal Navy officer looks through binoculars from the bridge of a ship

Keeping 448 million tonnes of trade flowing

We’re an island nation, which means our biggest access point is by sea. Last year, around half of the essential items we used came to our shores by boat.

Safeguarding the handful of global hotspots where most maritime trade passes through doesn’t just keep the seas safe from criminals - it keeps food on our plates.

a variety of six Naval ships in the open sea

Making the world a safer place

When a region becomes unstable, it has a knock-on effect on the rest of the world. Essential resources become limited and peace is threatened.

We keep a watchful eye on fragile states, ready to act before the worst happens and working with our allies to stabilise threats and maintain the flow of vital supplies.

F35 Lightning jets line up on the deck of an aircraft carrier

Building trust

Strong relationships with international partners, and our work with the UN and NATO, give us the autonomy to operate freely in waters around the globe.

Building trust during times of peace means we have the support in place to respond quickly when tensions arise.

A variety of six Naval ships in the open sea

Working with allies

Global trade depends on cooperation and goodwill - as an island nation, we’re more reliant on it than most.

Sharing expertise, resources and knowledge is key to a harmonious global economy. Sometimes we help and train our partners and allies; sometimes they help and train us.