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Full-Time Reserve Service (FTRS)

Full-Time Reserve Service (FTRS)

RN/RM Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) and Additional Duties Commitment (ADC) is a period of service undertaken by a member of a Reserve Force, in accordance with Reserve Forces Act (RFA) 96, for a specific period of time which is formalised by means of a written commitment.

Full commitment

Fulfilling a similar range of duties as a Regular Service person, normally in one location with a minimum compulsory detachment of 36 days, with generally the same pay and allowances package.

Limited commitment

Fulfilling a full range of duties generally in one location, but with a liability for compulsory detachment for up to 35 days in the UK or overseas in any one year, with no single detachment lasting in excess of 21 days.

Pay is the same as the Regular pay scale but will only receive 5% X-Factor and with no allowance package.

Home commitment

Fulfilling a limited range of duties in a restricted location; compulsory detachments are to be confined to training periods and other limited duties specified in the individual's FTRS Commitment.

Pay is the same as the Regular pay scale but will receive 0% X-Factor and with no allowance package.

Note: All Commitment levels are liable for Establishment duties in line with the rank/rate they hold; these may be overnight at their duty station.

Additional duties commitment

A commitment to normally serve for 13 or more consecutive weeks, attending for duty for a specified number of days or part-days each week, up to a maximum of 180 days, including leave, in any 12-month period.

Pay is at a daily rate plus 5% X-factor and with no allowance package.

Reserves carry out replenishment at sea

Pay & leave

Annual salary will be in accordance with current AFPS rates; note that if you have had a break in Service of more than 30 days your IBD will be amended to reflect this time and transitional pay protection will not apply.

Recruitment and retention payments are not always available to Reservists on FTRS/ADC details are available in the relevant JSP which you should check before accepting any commitment. FTRS/ADC personnel are eligible for annual leave and public holidays in accordance with JSP 760.


Any member of the Maritime Volunteer Reserves (RNR, RMR) or the Royal Fleet Reserves (RFR) (Ex-Regular Reserve) may volunteer to undertake a period of FTRS/ADC. Ex-Regular personnel whose RFR liability has run out may be re-instated to take up FTRS/ADC.

Applicants undertaking a period of FTRS/ADC must be suitably qualified by rank/rate, specialisation, qualifications and experience to fill the posts for which they apply. Applications will be accepted from reservists who hold one rank/rate or more above or one rank/rate only below the advertised rank. Applicants one rank below may be employed in the acting higher rank (excluding the advertised Rank of WO2 or WO1) if they are suitable, qualified and meet current promotion regulations in all respects. Applicants prepared to serve in a position at a lower rank/rate then the rank/rate worn will be appropriate to that of the position. Exceptions will not normally be considered.

Applicants must also be medically fit to fulfil the duties which their Commitment will require them to undertake. Personnel who have been discharged through the MBOS and Employability Board will not be considered.

Applicants of an equivalent rank from sister services may apply, however Ex-Regular or Volunteer Reserve Officers and Volunteer Reserve Other Ranks will only be accepted if they are FIRST accepted into the RNR or RMR and only if an appropriate specialisation sponsor can be identified to sponsor the applicant. Ex-Regular Other Ranks will be accepted but will have to transfer to the RFR.

More information & application

All current vacancies and how to apply can be found on SERVE (www)