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815 Naval Air Squadron
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815 Naval Air Squadron

815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) is the home of the Wildcat – the Royal Navy’s latest generation Maritime Attack Helicopter; as well as the talented teams which operate and maintain the aircraft.



Led by Commander Stuart Crombie RN, 815 NAS’ primary role is to be ready to fight and win at sea.

The Wildcat performs a wide range of roles, including fast roping, load lifting, reconnaissance, search and rescue and the delivery of Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) to those in need.

Underpinning all these capabilities is the ability to operate a helicopter from the small flight deck of a Frigate or Destroyer, undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges in aviation.

Solidarity and companionship are essential ingredients for life on a Small Ship’s Flight. The backdrop may change from one ship to the next, but the reliance and trust between the close-knit team involved in keeping a Wildcat airborne at sea provide an enduring resilience which is critical to a deployed Flight’s success.

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