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700X Naval Air Squadron
Organisation / Units & Squadrons

700X Naval Air Squadron

The ‘X’ in 700X stands for ‘experimental’ – and for good reason. The unit was formed to oversee the development and innovation of cutting-edge remote-piloted flight systems within the Royal Navy.


Remote-piloted aerial vehicles play an increasingly important role across the whole of the Armed Forces and, lead by Lieutenant Commander Martin Howard, 700X has been leading training courses with members of the Royal Navy as well as the Army and Royal Air Force.

The squadron has developed Predannack airfield, close to RNAS Culdrose, as a training facility for testing and innovating with the latest unmanned systems.

Operating under the motto ‘Experientia Docet’ – ‘Experiences Teaches’ – the squadron has a long history of testing cutting-edge new aircraft for use by frontline squadrons, including the Merlin and Wildcat helicopters.

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