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RM Band Collingwood
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RM Band Collingwood

Whether they’re representing the Naval Service at national events or on an active hands-on operational deployment, meet our multi-tasking musicians.


The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood has a dual role: entertaining and inspiring both troops and civilians; and deploying on RFA Argus as a fully operational military force. They fulfil around 340 of ceremonial and concert commitments in the south and London every year, and deploy for exercises and training every two years. 

Band members are talented multi-taskers, all playing two or more instruments as well as maintaining their military skills ready for deployment whenever they’re needed.


RM Band Collingwood takes part in around 340 ceremonial and concert commitments every year. They have also deployed operationally in every major conflict since the Second World War.

Musicians all play two – or more – instruments, giving the band the versatility to perform as in full, or as smaller ensembles from string quartets to naval jazz groups, even rock bands!

Many band members have a secondary specialisation, from arrangement and composition or lighting and sound, through to photography, merchandising, and videography.


Musicians all play multiple instruments, making the band versatile and adaptable. They can perform in a number of configurations including: 

  • The impressive full ceremonial band.
  • The dramatic Corps of the Drums.
  • Smaller ensembles, such as string quartets, small orchestras and wind quintets.
  • Naval jazz groups and rock bands for mess events.
  • Haunting solo buglers – who perform at remembrance services and the funerals of servicemen and women.

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