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HMS Diamond (D34)
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HMS Diamond (D34)

A jewel in the naval crown, HMS Diamond is the third of the highly capable Type 45 air defence destroyers and one of the most advanced warships in the world.

Surface fleet


HMS Diamond’s primary role is to provide her fellow ships with air defence using the formidable Sea Viper anti-air missile system – detecting enemy threats at range, interrogating them, and neutralising them if required.
Outside of the air defence role, HMS Diamond is a versatile and capable platform with the ability to carry out a wide range of war-fighting and constabulary duties, ranging from counter-narcotics boarding operations, acting as a task group flagship or providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

She will also act as part of the Carrier Task Group for the new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, providing air surveillance and protection for the entire task group.

Daring Class


Nearly as tall as Nelson’s Column, Diamond‘s sleek lines are designed for stealth at sea, appearing virtually invisible on enemy radar.

Packing cutting-edge military sensors and a range of sophisticated weapons systems, Diamond is ready to detect and destroy any airborne, surface and sub surface threat.

Her motto befits her name: ‘honor clarissima gemma’ – which means ‘honour is the brightest jewel’.

She is proud to be affiliated with the cities of Coventry and Aberdeen, and with the Livery Companies the Worshipful Company of Barbers and the Worshipful Company of Playing Card Makers.


The personnel of Diamond are highly trained. Their skills are mainly based around defending the fleet from air attack. They include: 

  • Long range air target searching
  • Multiple Target tracking
  • Long distance target engagement
  • Helicopter Platform – Merlin and Wildcat

Unit history

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