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HMS Daring (D32)
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HMS Daring (D32)

At 151 metres long, weighing 8,000 tonnes and packed with the latest in Air Warfare technology, HMS Daring – the first Type 45 destroyer – is a world leader and world-beater.


Type 45 destroyers like Daring are the most advanced warships the nation has ever built. Their mission is to shield the Fleet from air attack using Sea Viper missile, which can knock targets out of the sky up to 70 miles away. They work around the world to hunt pirates, drug runners and submarines, defending the Fleet from air attack, and providing humanitarian aid after natural disasters.

Onboard, 190 sailors are trained to act across the full spectrum of military activity including such missions as Disaster Relief in the wake of a typhoon, Maritime Security operations to counter the threat from piracy, and when required, high intensity war fighting against the nation’s enemies.

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