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HMS Vigilant (S30)
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HMS Vigilant (S30)

As one of the four submarines which make up the UK’s nuclear deterrent, HMS Vigilant is far from a high-profile vessel – her top-secret duties mean she must ‘disappear’ on patrol for weeks on end.


HMS Vigilant is the third of the Royal Navy’s Vanguard Class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. Together with her sister vessels, she carries the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

The deterrent patrol cycle carried out by the Vanguard-class began in 1969 – and has continued unbroken to this day.

Following a mid-life Long Overhaul Period Refuel, HMS Vigilant now has an upgraded reactor core, meaning that she has enough fuel to power her through the reminder of her working life. The overhaul also included significant upgrades to all her major machinery and operating systems.

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