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HMS Vanguard (S28)
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HMS Vanguard (S28)

HMS Vanguard is the lead boat of the Vanguard Class ballistic missile-armed submarines. These nuclear-powered subs carry Trident: the United Kingdom’s strategic nuclear deterrent.


Commissioned in August 1993, HMS Vanguard is the first boat of the Vanguard Class: a four-strong class of nuclear-powered submarines whose role is to carry the Trident ballistic missile system.

At 150 metres, this colossal submarine is almost as long as St Paul’s Cathedral – yet she carries out her duties silent and undetected, patrolling the world’s oceans at depths in excess of 250 metres. And with the ability to generate her own supply of water and oxygen, Vanguard’s range is limited only by the amount of food onboard.

HMS Vanguard’s two separate crews take it in turns on duty while their opposite numbers enjoy leave or train at Vanguard’s base in Faslane, Scotland.

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