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HMS Audacious (S122)
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HMS Audacious (S122)

The Royal Navy’s Astute Class nuclear-powered submarines are among the most sophisticated underwater vehicles ever constructed. HMS Audacious, the fourth submarine in the range, was launched in April 2017.

£1.2 billion contract awarded for new attack submarine


HMS Audacious is employed in a variety of important roles. These include covert intelligence gathering and strategic strike using the fearsome Tomahawk Land Attack Missile.

The crew of HMS Audacious also undertake a number of defence engagement, charity and outreach tasks in the community around Barrow-in-Furness, where she was constructed.


HMS Audacious has provision for up to 38 weapons in six 21-inch torpedo tubes. She is capable of firing Tomahawk Block IV land-attack missiles (with a range of 1,000 miles) and heavyweight Spearfish torpedoes, which can attack targets up to 14 miles away (and this range can be increased to 30 miles at low speed).
Astute class


HMS Audacious is made up of 21 Officers, 39 Senior Rates and 69 Junior Rates, the crew  includes Engineers, Logistics Officers, Warfare Specialists and more. Together, their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Rapid reaction
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Sonar operation
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Marine engineering
  • Weapon engineering

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