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HMS Charger (P292)
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HMS Charger (P292)

Fast Inshore Patrol Vessel for the Coastal Forces Squadron, supporting Fleet and Maritime Tasking at home and abroad.



The reforming of the ‘Coastal Forces Squadron’ has ushered in a new era of operational focus for the P2000 fleet of Archer Class vessels.

While support to University Royal Navy Units is still carried out whenever possible, as is navigational training, our focus is on the delivery of operational effect.

Archer Class


HMS Charger is a fast inshore patrol craft primarily focused in coastal waters but equally at ease in riverine or offshore areas.

Our high speed, endurance and ability to resupply in the smallest of harbours make us a versatile asset for the Royal Navy, capable of repositioning around the United Kingdom or abroad at short notice.


Led by Lieutenant Andrew Bonham, the crew of HMS Charger prides themselves on their versatility - projecting effect which punches above our weight, and extending our range to wherever we are required.

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