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Our values
organisation / Our people

Our values

No matter where we operate or what we do, our values keep us true to our purpose.

United by our core values

Values determine how we operate, the behaviours we should all demonstrate, and the unwavering support we offer to everyone that chooses a career in the Royal Navy.
Royal Marines stand to attention in parade dress rehearsal

Unite our people

Enduring spirit. Loyalty to ship, unit and team.

Our people work to the highest standards of professionalism and leadership - which gives us all courage in adversity and the determination to fight and win.

That’s the Royal Navy ethos.
Royal Navy chef looks out from the bridge of HMS Defender

Invest in our people

We offer endless opportunities to learn, grown and develop - helping everyone reach and redefine their potential.

Armed with a unique set of personal qualities and skills, our people can handle every challenge they face - from rebuilding orphanages in disaster-struck countries to catching drug smugglers in busy shipping lanes.
Several Royal Navy sailors marching

Value our people

The lifeblood of our service. We couldn’t do what we do without the strength and determination of our people.

Training to the highest standards, working around the clock - and ultimately keeping us influential and rapidly responsive over sea, air and land.

The highest level of effort deserves the highest reward.

Royal Navy values

Royal Marines values

Royal Fleet Auxiliary values

Looking for support?

Whether you’re looking to join, already with us, or a family member of serving personnel, we have a wide range of support available.