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Royal Navy
Royal Navy


At home on the high seas, just as powerful on land: ready to defend our nation’s interests at a moment’s notice.

Our fighting arms

F-35 Lightning jet takes off from HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier

Surface fleet

Dominating the high seas with mighty warships. Capable of tackling any maritime operation, from anti-piracy to disaster relief.
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Royal Navy submarine HMS Trenchant breaks through the Arctic sea ice

Submarine service

Silent strength beneath the waves. Our fleet of world-class submarines destroy targets with precision and act as a nuclear deterrent.
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F-35 Lightning jet on the deck of aircraft carrier pointing straight towards the camera

Fleet Air Arm

Potent support from above. Delivering air power to offensive and humanitarian operations across the globe.
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Several Royal Marine commandos with guns in a small green inflatable raiding craft

Royal Marines

World-class fighters moving stealthily from ship to shore. Only the toughest have earned the right to wear the green beret.

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Royal Navy sailor in hardhat looks from the deck of one ship to another during a supply transfer

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

World-leading civilian force. Highly-trained, highly-effective. Ready to provide logistical and operational support whenever it’s needed.
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Royal Navy sailors in line with guns resting on their shoulders

Maritime Reserves

Courageous and committed. Combining a career in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines Reserves with everyday civilian life.
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At the forefront of technology

Innovation has always been at the heart of what we do.

It’s why we were the first military force to exist in the UK, the first to introduce aircraft to our fleet, and the first force in the world to lead with amphibious warfare.
Royal Navy sailors at work on the deck of a Royal Navy vessel

Our people

United by our values. Dedicated to our cause. Stronger together.

Our people have an unparalleled commitment to the Royal Navy, their peers and the vital work we do. Together we reach our potential when we feel supported, protected and free to be ourselves.
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Heads and shoulders of a row of Royal Navy cadets standing in line

Cadets & youth

Gaining life skills. Making memories. Meeting lifelong friends.

More than 130,000 youth are involved in our cadet organisations, developing valuable qualities like responsibility, resourcefulness and endurance - and having lots of fun along the way.
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A Royal Navy crewmember wearing a blue beret stands on the deck proudly looking at the camera