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Dickie represents RFA as Coronation Medals are presented to Civil Servants

Dickie Henderson bottom left with the RFA contingent at the Coronation
18 January 2024
The man who prepared RFA sailors for their day in the spotlight was invited to join others behind the King’s Coronation for a ‘thank you’ from the UK’s top civil servant.

Barry ‘Dickie’ Henderson was a legendary figure for many years in the Royal Navy as one of its leading proponents of drill and leadership.

Now retired from the RN he works for the RFA as a civil servant and delivers training on RFA leadership and management courses.

And that included drilling around two dozen personnel for ceremonial duties for Operation Golden Orb, the military’s input to/involvement in His Majesty’s Coronation last May.

The service provided a marching platoon and street liners for the route of the procession – all drawn from volunteers, who gave up leave/spare-time to partake in a once-of-a-lifetime occasion.

Ceremonial events and drill are less common in the RFA than in the Royal Navy and especially the Royal Marines, so the training at HMS Excellent was intense.

It paid off, said Dickie, who was proud of the turn-out on the day – and equally proud to be hand-picked to head to the capital again to receive his Coronation Medal which is as much for those who marched/lined the streets of London back in May.

“The Coronation was an incredible honour and opportunity to represent the RFA on a national level, bringing us to the attention of the public,” he said.

Representatives of all departments of government which were involved in the Coronation were invited to Lancaster House for a two-hour reception and presentation at which Cabinet Officer Permanent Secretary Simon Case thanked all for their invaluable work in the planning and delivery of an event which people will remember for their rest of their lives.

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