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His Majesty the King’s cypher to be worn during coronation parade

30 March 2023
Sailors and Royal Marines will wear His Majesty The King’s cypher on their uniforms for the first time at the coronation parade in May.

Petty Officers, Chief Petty Officers, Warrant Officers and Officers on parade during the historic event will bear the Tudor Crown, which appears on The King’s cypher, on their caps.

Royal Marines will wear a newly-designed Brunswick Star on their pith helmets during the procession, incorporating the Tudor Crown.

“This will already be a proud moment for our sailors and Royal Marines Commandos, and it is made even more memorable with the addition of the cypher,” said Warrant Officer First Class Eddie Wearing, the Royal Navy's State Ceremonial Training Officer.

The Royal cypher is a monogram-style design used by the reigning monarch. The King’s cypher features the letter ‘C’ intertwined with the letter ‘R’ for Rex (Latin for King), with ‘III’ within the ‘R’ and the Tudor Crown sitting above. 

The King’s cypher will appear on cap badges and other adornments to Royal Navy and Royal Marines uniforms, as well as on those of British Army and RAF personnel taking part in the coronation.

The College of Arms, which designed the cyphers, was founded in 1484 and is responsible for creating and maintaining official registers of coats of arms and pedigrees. The heralds who make up the College are members of the Royal Household, and act under Crown authority.


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