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Ambush crew promote life beneath the waves to affiliated Derby school

17 November 2022
Crew from HMS Ambush dropped in on their affiliated Derby school to share their experiences of life beneath the waves – including recent operations in Norway.

Bemrose School was chosen by the Royal Navy to be officially linked with the Faslane-based hunter-killer for the past nine years – one of many affiliates the boat enjoys with the East Midlands city.

Derby is home to legendary engineering firm Rolls-Royce whose Raynesway works in the city provide the entire Astute class of nuclear-powered submarines with their atomic reactors.

Ambush herself spent much of the earlier part of 2022 in the Arctic, supporting NATO winter exercises and specialist cold-weather training, working with elite Royal Marines raiding teams.

Crew spoke to youngsters of all ages – pupils from primary through to sixth form – about life in the Submarine Service, with a particular emphasis on older students who are considering their futures.

“Derby may be land-locked, but the city has strong ties with HMS Ambush,” said the school’s Michael Dennison. “We’re proud that the reactor was built right here in the city by the engineers at Rolls-Royce.


“We are extremely honoured to have been chosen as the only school in the UK to be affiliated with HMS Ambush and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the crew.

“The Bemrose School is in an area of the city where social deprivation is high, but inviting inspiration visitors into school like the Royal Navy have helped to inspire our pupils; the latest NEET figures for Bemrose – pupils who are not in education or employment when they leave school – is at its lowest ever, and that is partly due to the fact that we have such a varied and committed careers programme.”

Questions from pupils included: ‘Have you ever been involved in war?’ and: ‘How long does it take to build a submarine like HMS Ambush?” (About ten years).

“Joining the Royal Navy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. There is so much that you can learn; I’m currently learning French and have been granted funding recently for a nutrition course that will help me within my job.

“You learn skills that help for the future, whether you choose to stay in the military or leave.”

Claire Amos, the school’s careers lead, said Ambush was “an extraordinary piece of engineering” and that the crew’s visit would “hopefully it will help inspire engineers of the future here”.

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