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HMS Dasher and Pursuer complete Gib mission as Cutlass and Dagger take over

Homeward bound to join the rest of the Coastal Forces Squadron are HMS Dasher and Pursuer, their duties as guardians of the Rock complete.

The two P2000 patrol boats were shepherded out of Gib by their successors Cutlass and Dagger which are now responsible for protecting British Gibraltar Territorial Waters at the core of the RN Gibraltar Squadron.

Dasher and Pursuer plugged the gap between the return of HMS Sabre and Scimitar – the squadron’s long-standing craft – and the advent of £5m Cutlass and Dagger, a period of 23 months.

With both new fast boats delivered (Cutlass was commissioned earlier this month), the P2000s can resume more regular work with their mother squadron largely, but not exclusively, in home waters.

Commander British Forces, Commodore Steve Dainton waved the outgoing boats off from his balcony in the Tower, the military HQ in Gibraltar.

Cutlass and Dagger took the lead, closely followed by Dasher and Pursuer. After some high speed manoeuvres, the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron escorted the P2000s to the limit of territorial waters and wished them a safe voyage back to the UK.

The duo will hop along the coasts of Portugal, Spain and France until finally reaching the UK.

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