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Faslane ‘market’ lets firms showcase latest submarine tech

17 June 2022
Leading-edge companies were invited into the home of the UK’s Submarine Service to show off the latest tech.

More than 40 firms from the technology and innovation sector set up ‘market stalls’ at Clyde Naval Base – home of the nation’s nuclear deterrent, as well as the flotilla of Fleet submarines which protects it.

That allowed them to showcase their latest innovations to those responsible for maintaining the country’s nuclear-powered submarines, allowing RN and civilian engineers to explore technological advances which could be applied to the complex engineering (on a par with the Space Shuttle) found on Astute and Vanguard-class submarines.

For the past 50 years the Royal Navy has been tasked with providing the United Kingdom’s continuous at sea strategic nuclear deterrent (CASD). Since April 1969 a submarine has been on patrol, beneath the waves ensuring that the UK is sending a clear message to any would-be aggressors.

Without the hard work of the engineers and maintenance staff both at sea and ashore, it would be impossible to sustain Operation Relentless.

Events like this help us to identify and take advantage of the best that industry has to offer.

Lt Cdr Richard Meldrum

As the years have passed and technology has improved, submariners have been able to take advantage of innovations, improving their ability to overcome the vast array of technical/engineering challenges found when operating beneath the waves.

The event was planned by Lt Cdr Richard Meldrum who works at HMNB Clyde’s Superintendent Fleet Maintenance (SFM). The organisation is responsible for engineering support to submarines on the Clyde.

He said: “Innovation and technology is progressing at an ever-increasing rate. Events like this help us to identify and take advantage of the best that industry has to offer.

"Some of which could be quickly introduced to improve support for the submarine flotilla”.

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