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Commandos yomp across the Falklands on 40th anniversary

14 June 2022
Royal Marines and Army Commandos from 3 Commando Brigade have marched across the Falklands to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the conflict.

The 12-man team travelled to the Falklands to mark the liberation of the islands and in particular the arduous 56-mile march or ‘yomp’ by Royal Marines of 45 Commando from San Carlos Water on the western side of East Falkland to the capital Stanley. 

They gave themselves just 20 hours to complete the distance – considerably quicker than their predecessors in 1982, with bad weather and terrain the only opposition this time around.

This same group will form the brigade’s contribution to the Liberation Day parade, along with another group from the Parachute regiment. 

“As it is currently winter in the South Atlantic, we expect the weather to be pretty poor, and it certainly was. Before we arrived, a local report informed us there is currently snow on the ground, and it was but we remain undeterred,” said Lieutenant Rory Calderwood RM from the Commando Logistic Regiment who led the Royal Marine involvement. 

“We’re all incredibly excited about being down south, and it is a genuine honour to be a part of the serving Royal Marine and Army Commando contingent yomping the route completed by 45 Commando 40 years ago, as well as marching in the Liberation Day parade on June 14th to remember the lives lost during the conflict. 

“This will has been outstanding experience, and one that we’re all very proud to be a part of.”

It’s one of several events the Royal Marines are staging to mark the 40th anniversary of the Falklands’ liberation. 

“The Corps is looking forward to the 10 - 14 Jun when the country and Armed Forces come together to remember the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War,” said Lieutenant Colonel Gary Green – one of a handful of 1982 veterans still serving today.

“I vividly recall being one of over 3,500 members of 3 Commando Brigade and attached units that deployed to the South Atlantic and fought to recover the Falkland Islands, liberating British citizens from Argentinian invasion and rule.  

“An iconic part of the conflict and symbolic of the Royal Marines was the 45 Commando yomp across East Falkland – “the Yomper” became a highly-publicised image of the war. At the time, the unit covered 56 miles in just three days, traversing boggy, rough terrain in harsh weather conditions.  

“One week later, on the night of June 11-12, the unit regrouped, attacked and defeated the Argentine forces on Two Sisters; at the same time Royal Marines from 42 Commando attacked and defeated Argentinian forces on Mount Harriet.    

“To remember this incredible event, a group of Royal Marines will fly to the Falklands at the end of the month and recreate the iconic yomp across the Islands.

“At the same time, Royal Marines and Army Commandos deployed around the globe will yomp either 56 miles or a shorter 5.6 miles to remember this incredible feat of endurance by 45 Commando. This is all in aid of the RMA – Royal Marines Charity which is there to support all Royal Marines in time of need.”

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