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Tri-Service Tracey’ rewarded for her Covid efforts in the capital

8 February 2022
Efforts to keep the Covid pandemic in check – especially during its darkest hours in the nation’s capital – earned reservist Lieutenant Tracey Parrott the gratitude of some of the UK military’s biggest supporters.

The RNR officer – who’s served in all three Services during a 22-year career and is currently attached to the Naval Regional Command Eastern England – received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Richardson Brothers Foundation for stepping up to the plate as part of the national effort dealing with the Coronavirus.

Tracey answered the call for volunteers to assist with the Covid community mass testing programme as part of Operation Rescript and was swiftly selected to join a tri-Service team to work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).  She was initially deployed to the West Midlands but when the team leader in London needed compassionate leave, Tracey stepped into that role establishing the city’s regional liaison team. 

She headed a strategic planning team based at the DHSC with responsibility for internal and external communications and working patterns. Their overall aim was to provide asymptomatic test centres to help prevent those without symptoms from spreading coronavirus. Her team worked with 33 boroughs across London, as well as the Joint Military Command (London), NHS Track and Trace, and the head of Public Health England. When the team leader returned, Tracey continued as their deputy to ensure continuity.

She worked relentlessly for four months in London, advising boroughs implementing community mass testing, updating them on DHSC information, planning and logistics – earning the nickname “Tri-Service Tracey” as a mark of the trust and experience. For those boroughs which requested military support, she assisted in scrutinising and finalising their planning submissions.

Those efforts brought her to the attention of the Richardson family, long-time supporters of the UK Armed Forces, especially the Royal Navy, including ships and units associated with the West Midlands (such as HMS Daring and Coventry), sponsor various awards, support commissionings, dedications and launches, and donate specialist event equipment to vessels where needed.

I would like to thank the Richardson family for their recognition of my services to the Covid effort – it is my first award after 22 years across the Royal Air Force, Army and Royal Navy, so it is much appreciated.

Reservist Lieutenant Tracey Parrott

“Working with the London Boroughs, their Public Health England specialists and the private sector demonstrated how tirelessly they all worked during the pandemic – we all worked long hours but it was worth it when we saw the results of our efforts,” said Tracey.

“I would like to thank the Richardson family for their recognition of my services to the Covid effort – it is my first award after 22 years across the Royal Air Force, Army and Royal Navy, so it is much appreciated”.

The presentation was assisted by Commodore Jamie Miller, who served in the RN for 48 years – most recently as Regional Commander for Wales and Western England which brought him into contact with the Richardson family and their charitable foundation.

“‘Tri-Service Tracey’, as she was known during her recent tremendous work with the DHSC hugely deserves this award for her tireless, unremitting, unflinching effort, always with a cheerful smile to the fore,” he said.

“She is an utter credit to the Naval Regional Commander Eastern England, Commodore Bellfield, on whose behalf I would also like to thank the Richardson family for their ever-constant support to all three Armed Services.”

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