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HMS President Reaches out to Tower Hamlets Communities

RM Chef demonstration
19 October 2021
The Royal Navy’s home in London hosted Tower Hamlets community leaders to forge closer ties with one of the most diverse societies in the UK.

Nearly 100 people from across the community converged on the capital’s Royal Naval Reserve Unit HMS President for an evening introducing them to the Maritime Reserves, the Royal Navy and Defence as a whole.

Among the advocates present on behalf of the Senior Service was Honorary Captain Durdana Ansari.

"I'm so grateful to the Royal Navy,” she told community leaders. “I've found my best friends here.  We are making a difference.  Your children will become the finest officers and ratings in the Royal Navy and their legacy will remain for generations.  If James Bond can become a Commander, don't you think this is the best place to go!"

Guests were treated to a cookery lesson from Commando Chef Colour Sergeant Mike Beaton and an unarmed combat demonstration from commandos from RMR London, before joining Commodore Mel Robinson, Commander of the Maritime Reserves, for Ceremonial Sunset.

I've found my best friends here. We are making a difference.

Honorary Captain Durdana Ansari

"Our home in Tower Hamlets is one of the most diverse parts of the United Kingdom,” Cdre Robinson said. “And we in the Royal Navy – Regular and Reserve – take a great deal of pride in ourselves for our active and ongoing campaign to encourage people from across our society to get to know us, to understand the value the Royal Navy adds to British society, and, where appropriate, to look into joining us."

President has been based at St Katharine’s Dock, just downstream of Tower Bridge and within the Borough of Tower of Hamlets, since the late 1980s.

As well as being home to reservists based in and around the capital, it serves as the HQs of the Naval Regional Commander and Sea Cadets.


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