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Wave Knight helps Dutch tackle drug-traffickers in Caribbean

Dutch patrol ship HNLMS Holland takes on fuel from RFA Wave Knight.jpg
16 November 2021
If you've never seen Holland from the air… here it is.

With RFA Wave Knight.

The two vessels linked up in the Caribbean as both conduct counter-narcotics patrols to prevent the flow of illegal drugs through the region to the United States and beyond.

Wave Knight reverted to her core business for the rendezvous: pumping fuel from her tanks into those of patrol ship HNLMS Holland as both vessels cut through the waves.

Both ships have had impressive levels of success with their counter-drug operations in the region – with several seizures of cocaine over the past six months.

Both vessels work with the US Coast Guard and their boarding teams as part of the international effort to stem the flow of drug trafficking in the region.

As well as the fight against drug trafficking, Wave Knight remains at high readiness to respond to hurricanes and other natural disasters in the region, working alongside HMS Medway to form the UK’s Caribbean Task Group. 

“It was great to be able to support our Dutch friends today whilst we operate alongside each other here in the Caribbean,” said Wave Knight’s Commanding Officer Captain Ali Clack RFA.

“RFA Wave Knight’s ability to provide fuel at sea to our allies makes her a key asset, as it enables other ships, such as HNLMS Holland to increase their endurance and remain on task for longer.”

RFA Wave Knight’s ability to provide fuel at sea to our allies makes her a key asset

Captain Ali Clack RFA

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