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Tree scaling Royal Marines musician climbs the equivalent of Everest

9 July 2021
A tree scaling Royal Marines Musician has set himself the challenge of climbing the equivalent of the world’s highest mountain to raise money for the Rainforest Trust UK charity.

Royal Marines Musician Lance Corporal (LCpl) Philip Powell will climb an European Beach tree, to the 3.57 metre point, a total of 2,475 times; that’s equivalent to the height of the Mount Everest.   The tree is located at Thanckes park in Torpoint, close to where LCpl is based at HMS Raleigh.  He will conduct his challenge on Sunday 18 July.

The 21-year-old has been preparing for the climb since completing his first challenge of the year – pulling his VW Up 26 miles around the parade ground at HMS Raleigh.  A feat he completed in 12 hours 10 minutes.

LCpl Powell said:  “I’m reckoning on it taking me 12 hours to complete the 2,475 climbs.  It takes about 10 seconds each time to reach the 3.57 metre point with my fingertips.  I tested myself out to begin with by climbing for four hours solid.  I thought it I could do that, then I could go further and climb the equivalent of Everest.  I’ve had some strange looks from dog workers while I’ve been practising.”

Originally from the Wirral, LCpl Powell’s two challenges have been inspired by the adventurer, Ross Edgely.  The Musician said:  “I’ve recently been reading about Ross’s bizarre challenges in his book and I thought I want to try that, to see what I can do and raise money for charity.  He completed his Everest challenge by rope climbing, but I’ve been climbing trees since I was a young boy, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

I’m really thankful to the team at Raleigh, the Band and those who live-in at the base for all the support they have given me so far.

Royal Marines Musician Lance Corporal Philip Powell

LCpl Powell was interested in a musical career from the age of 13 and chose a career with the Royal Marines Band Service to be active.  He started his basic training in 2017 and became a member of the Plymouth Band in 2019.  LCpl Powell plays the cymbals and bass drum on parade and the bassoon with the concert orchestra.

During the country’s first lockdown LCpl Powell became a qualified personal trainer.  He said:  “I took several courses during lockdown.  Being active is something I really enjoy and if I can help people to become fitter, it’s great for me and them.  I’m really thankful to the team at Raleigh, the Band and those who live-in at the base for all the support they have given me so far.”

Rainforest Trust UK is a British charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales (Charity No: 1169111). The charity works in partnership with Rainforest Trust in the USA, and together they have a shared mission – to protect threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife worldwide by partnering with local and community organisations in and around vulnerable areas.

To show support for LCpl Powell, visit his JustGiving page:


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