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Dasher back on patrol in Gib after winter revamp

HMS Dasher is cradled out of the water in Gibraltar
26 February 2021
Back in the water and safeguarding Gibraltar is patrol boat HMS Dasher after completing her winter maintenance.

The P2000 was cradled out of the harbour for the annual revamp of her machinery, hull inspection, paint job and the like – routine work made more challenging by strict adherence to Covid regulations.

With her sister ship Pursuer, she’s plugging the gap between the retirement of HMS Sabre and Scimitar last summer from duties with the RN Gibraltar Squadron and the arrival of two new fast patrol craft as the backbone of the force next winter/spring 2022.

Since arriving in the Med last summer, Dasher alone has covered 543 nautical miles patrolling the Rock’s territorial waters – enough to take her to Barcelona.

As well as the two P2000s, which are a considerable upgrade on their predecessors, the squadron uses four RIBS to provide force protection and security within territorial waters alongside upholding UK sovereignty.

As for Sabre and Scimitar, they have begun a new life with the RN’s Coastal Forces, running out of Portsmouth and delivering varied training, from preparing future commanding officers to helping Fleet Air Arm aviators practice winch transfers and rescues.

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