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RFA officer’s prestigious award for disaster-relief work

Personnel from RFA Mounts Bay delivered aid to the Bahamas after the community was devastated by Hurricane Dorian
19 February 2021
A RFA officer has received a prestigious award for his outstanding work on disaster-relief operations in the Bahamas.

First Officer (LS) Mike Tyndell shared the James Coull Memorial Award with colleague First Officer (E) Michael Hontoir for their efforts while serving in RFA Mounts Bay during Operation Barytone, the disaster-relief operation following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

1/O Tyndell, who received the award aboard his current ship, RFA Lyme Bay, from Commanding Officer Captain Martin Jones, said: “Hurricane Dorian devastated the area of Abaco- Bahamas and Mounts Bay was first on scene delivering much needed disaster relief to the Island.

All on board went the extra mile to ensure the aid went ashore.

First Officer (LS) Mike Tyndell

I was tasked to head up the landing party the second day of ops, as we transited to the landing point it was clear the hurricane had wreaked havoc.

In total we distributed 3,000 ration packs, nearly 100 tonnes of water, over 900 emergency shelter kits, and 1,000 hygiene kits.

All on board went the extra mile to ensure the aid went ashore. We then had to reset the ship and organise a full replenishment of HADR, DFID and ERS stores all within a five-day period.

Op Barytone gave me a sense of pride for what MOUNTS BAY had achieved.”                                                           

The James Coull Memorial Award was established in 2003 following the generosity of an Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association member, who endowed funds to enable the prestigious trophy to be presented each year, in memory of the late Commodore James Coull, who served as Commodore RFA from March 1983 to September 1985.

It is awarded to the serving officer or rating who makes an outstanding contribution to the good name of the RFA Service.

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