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UK Flagship pays 24-hour visit to Tunisia

UK Flagship pays 24-hour visit to Tunisia
28 September 2020
BRITAIN’S flagship is paying a whistle-stop visit to Tunisia – the second stop on her autumn deployment to the Mediterranean.

HMS Albion arrived in the capital Tunis for a lightning 24-hours on her maiden visit to the North African nation.

Her sailors are providing training for Tunisian Naval Cadets, delivering new equipment for saving lives at sea and demonstrating some of the innovative technology the ship is carrying.

Before entering Tunis, Albion conducted a rigorous Covid testing and isolation process during her journey from the United Kingdom via Gibraltar and is adhering to Tunisia’s policies.

In Tunisia, we find a friend with much in common. It is a great pleasure to be able to demonstrate some of our most advanced technology and host Tunisians during this historic visit.

Commodore Rob Pedre, Commander of the Royal Navy’s Littoral Strike Group

Commander of the Royal Navy’s Littoral Strike Group, who’s directing the autumn deployment with his staff from onboard Albion.

The flagship is leading the Littoral Response Group – including amphibious support ship RFA Lyme Bay and destroyer HMS Dragon – on its experimental autumn deployment around the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

The aim is to help shape the Future Commando Force and the forces carrying them into battle – from assault ships like Albion herself to small, stealthy raiding craft and new tech.

Cdre Pedre added: “The Littoral Response Group will be visiting NATO allies and partners in the Mediterranean this autumn as part of the Royal Navy’s contribution to Global Britain and our role in under-writing stability and projecting the UK abroad.”

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