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HMS Albion ends maiden visit to Tunisia

Sailors on HMS Albion's bridge observe TUN Jugurtha during three hours of manoeuvres off Tunisia
3 October 2020
Britain’s flagship HMS Albion spent three hours exercising with the Tunisian Navy, closing a rapid-fire visit to the African nation.

The assault ship left Tunis in company with new patrol vessel TUN Jugurtha for combined manoeuvres, bookending Albion’s maiden visit to Tunisia.

Albion delivered more than 450 items safety equipment to the Tunisian National Guard to help them with lifesaving duties at sea.

The ship handed over lifejackets, VHF radios and hand-held flares.

With strict Covid-19 precautions in place, the sailors and Royal Marines conducted training alongside Tunisian security forces.

The ship has also hosted a series of important meetings focussed on regional security issues, before a Ceremonial Sunset with a Guard of Honour on the flight deck in the presence of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Tunisia, Louise de Sousa.

HMS Albion’s visit to Tunisian shores demonstrates that the UK-Tunisian partnership is stronger than ever.

Ambassador Louise de Sousa

“Security is at the heart of our relationship with Tunisia,” the ambassador said. “HMS Albion’s visit to Tunisian shores and this delivery of vital lifesaving equipment demonstrates that the UK-Tunisian partnership is stronger than ever. It is just one example of the UK’s work in Tunisia to build capability and harness new technologies to protect all our citizens.”

Albion is leading the Littoral Response Group Experimentation task group, conducting training and exercising in the Mediterranean to help shape the Royal Marines and amphibious forces of tomorrow: tactics, methods and equipment.

The group is currently working with the RN’s first embarked drone flight from 700X Naval Air Squadron at Culdrose and gearing up for a series of workouts in and around Cyprus later this month.

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