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Guns contract for Royal Navy Type 31 frigates awarded to BAE Systems

Guns contract for Royal Navy Type 31 frigates awarded to BAE Systems
1 October 2020
THE Royal Navy’s new Type 31 frigates will carry multi-purpose gun systems following a contract award.

BAE Systems is to produce Bofors 40 Mk4 and Bofors 57 Mk3 naval guns for the general-purpose frigates.

The agreement, through a contract with Babcock International, will supply the Royal Navy with a set of gun systems for its fleet of five ships, with the first ship expected to go into service in 2027.  

The contract includes five Bofors 57 Mk3 medium calibre guns and ten Bofors 40 Mk4 small calibre guns. Both close-in weapon systems are designed to protect the ships against modern and future complex threats.

We will be providing the most cutting-edge gun system technology available which can adapt to different levels of conflict, including peacekeeping missions, local coastguard operations, and military operations. This contract increases the number of European nations deploying our advanced, flexible weapon systems.

Lena Gillström, managing director for BAE Systems Bofors

BAE Systems’ scope of work for the Type 31 programme also includes services, tools, spares, documentation and support.

Both naval gun systems will be manufactured at BAE Systems’ facility in Karlskoga, Sweden, with deliveries expected to take place in 2023 and 2024.  

The Bofors 57 Mk3 is used by eight nations, including Canada, Finland, Germany and Sweden, as well as the United States, where it is known as the Mk110 naval gun. The Bofors 40 Mk4 is the latest generation in the 40mm family, and with this contract, the Royal Navy will become its fifth operator.

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