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Sailors on HMS Queen Elizabeth complete flight deck marathon

Air Engineering Technicians LAE Calum Dee and AE Giorgio Zsirai
Two sailors endured strong head winds to complete the first ever marathon on board HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Air Engineering Technicians Giorgio Zsirai and Calum Dee took on the 26-mile run while the aircraft carrier was anchored in the Solent.

The pair completed 88 laps around the warship’s enormous flight deck, finishing within five hours.

Keen runner AB Zsirai had planned to run the Manchester Marathon for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity last month. But when it was postponed, he asked if he could use the flight deck instead.

Hearing what he was doing, fellow runner AB Dee, from Liverpool, decided he would also take part.

He said: “I thought it would be a bit harsh running around the deck by himself so I tagged along.”

Both hit ‘the wall’ at 15 miles but managed to finish with AB Zsirai finishing in four hours and 45 minutes and AB Dee in four hours and five minutes.

AB Zsirai, from Sheffield, said: “The wind was really rough, I definitely should have trained more.”

The pair work in the Air Engineering Department on board HMS Queen Elizabeth which is responsible for supporting the F-35 Lightning jets and Merlin helicopters when they fly from the deck.

They will be kept busy next month when UK operational F-35s join the carrier ahead of more training as she continues her preparations for next year’s deployment.

Both are now keen to do the London Marathon next year.

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