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Commandos help care home workers fight Covid

Sergeant David Rice handing out CLR's 3D printed visors to local care homes
24 July 2020
The Commando Logistic Regiment have had a busy few weeks creating and handing out full-face visors to those who need them in the community.

The unit, part of 3 Commando Brigade, put their 3D printers to good use to create the vital piece of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With hundreds of the visors made, personnel delivered them to nursing and residential care homes in communities near their Chivenor base.

The high-quality, durable and comfortable design takes two hours to print but it was time and effort Commando Logistic Regiment were happy to give to support the NHS supply chain.


It also allowed us to demonstrate how this technology can be further developed to be utilised in future endeavours

Sergeant David Rice

Sergeant David Rice, who was in charge of making the masks, said: “The current global crisis presented us with the opportunity to utilise our Additive Manufacturing technology in a way that would allow us to assist the local community. It also allowed us to demonstrate how this technology can be further developed to be utilised in future endeavours.”

CLR are dedicated to using the latest technology and innovation as part of the Future Commando Force concept, which will see Commandos go back to their roots in how they operate. This means they had the equipment needed to produce the visors and support their community.

The visors have also been handed out to those on the base, providing protection for personnel in both the medical centre and canteens. 

With CLR’s Medical Squadron preparing to provide humanitarian and disaster relief support as part of Operation Caribbean (the response to a major hurricane in the Caribbean), a large number of visors are packed and ready to deploy with the unit, providing essential protection to both service personnel and local residents.

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