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HMS Middleton responds to Mayday call

HMS Middleton responded to a Mayday call on the weekend
13 July 2020
HMS Middleton responded to a fishing boat’s Mayday call after it had become tangled with a line and was drifting in the Solent.

The Royal Navy ship heard the emergency call at 4pm on Saturday as it was passing St Catherine’s Point, south of the Isle of Wight. The boat got into trouble when its propeller became wrapped up in a line and, despite untangling some of it, the prop would not turn.

Middleton was near the fishing vessel so co-ordinated with Solent Coastguard to see how they could help.

After spotting the boat, which was drifting close to shore and in too shallow waters for Middleton to get alongside, the minehunter launched her seaboat with divers and marine engineers on board. With the vessel at anchor, Middleton’s crew took a look at the problem.

Lieutenant George Walker, navigating officer, said: “Upon coming alongside the vessel, our divers cleared the rest of the line that was caught around the propeller and the marine engineers attempted to fix it.

“Unfortunately they didn’t have the parts required to fix it. After ensuring the vessel was in no immediate danger, the seaboat returned and collected some food and water from Middleton before returning it back.”

HMS Middleton gave the Coastguard an update on the situation and that the boat would require a tow.

Yarmouth Lifeboat was launched to tow the boat and HMS Middleton carried on to Weymouth.

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