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Always Tyne for Training at BRNC

29 January 2020
Trainee Warfare Officers from Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) and students from Dartmouth Academy were invited to climb aboard HMS Tyne when the Ship made her first visit to the Dart in over a decade.

HMS Tyne arrived in the Dart bringing with her a class of Young Officers from BRNC, who’d joined the ship in Portsmouth.  The class are currently conducting their initial warfare officers training and during the transit were able to practice their coastal navigation skills.  The opportunity to train on a real bridge at sea supplemented the training they receive in the simulators at the College.

A group of Year 6 students from Dartmouth Academy were also invited onboard for a tour of the ship.  Highlights included a look at the engines, some hand-on experience with fire-fighting equipment, a look at the weaponry and the all-important picture in the Captain’s chair.

Before leaving the area HMS Tyne also hosted College staff and Young Officers for a small reception led by the Captain Roger Readwin, the Captain of BRNC.  The Ship’s Officers were kindly hosted in the College on completion, where they had the opportunity for discussions with Officer Cadets under training.

As the ship sailed, she embarked another group of the Young Warfare Officers for the transit.  HMS Tyne conducted navigation training whilst on passage back to Portsmouth, offering valuable real-world experience along the unseasonably flat South Coast.  The ship is now at sea conducting her own training prior to embarking the next generation of Royal Navy Navigators next week for their sea assessment phase.

Being on a warship was really exciting. I really enjoyed looking at the weapons and wearing the fire-fighting kit.

Aidan Keating, aged 10

Commander Jon Browett, the Commanding Officer of HMS Tyne, said:  “Embarking Young Officers from BRNC for navigation training linked well into what was a fantastic visit to Dartmouth.  Tours for Dartmouth Academy students, the Harbour Master’s Office and the College afforded us the opportunity to show HMS Tyne off to the community and build our links with the Town.  Dartmouth was a fantastic host for the entire Ship’s Company throughout and we very much look forward to our next return.”

With a Ship’s Company of around 45 sailors, HMS Tyne is one of three Batch 1 River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels operating in UK waters.  Alongside HMS Mersey , the Ship is at sea for the vast majority of the year conducting National Tasking, enforcing fisheries regulations, navigation training and numerous other duties.  HMS Severn, the third in the trio, is currently re-generating in preparation for returning to sea.

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