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Fire fighting training for Saltash scouts

Fire fighting training for Saltash scouts
20 February 2020
Scouts from Saltash have spent a day of their half-term holiday learning how to fight fires at HMS Raleigh.

The group of 16, who belong to the 2nd Saltash scout group were working towards their fire safety activity badge.  They were given some practical hands-on experience on the demonstration ground, where new recruits to the Royal Navy learn basic fire-fighting techniques. 

Scout leader Keith Child said: “We’ve done a little bit towards the badge at scout outdoors and we’ve visited the local fire station, so this is the next part.”

HMS Raleigh is the lead school for providing fire-fighting training to submariners.  The school can also provide training to members of the surface fleet.

I’ve learnt how they fight fires on ships and about the fire triangle and causes of fire. When I picked the extinguisher up it felt quite heavy, but the nozzle was lighter than I thought it would be. I think I’ve done quite a bit towards my badge today.

Johan Carvell

Aged between 10 and 14 years-old, the scouts were also given a brief on the different types of fire and the correct extinguisher to use. 

Ben Goldsmith, aged 11, added: “We learned about all the hoses and what to put on different fires, for example on an oil fire you have to use foam.”

More experienced sailors are trained in dedicated simulators, mocked up to resemble compartments on board ships and submarines.

The simulators are gas powered and environmentally compliant. Training is delivered at temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius; that’s nearly six times hotter than the average temperature of Death Valley in the summer months.

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