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HMS Sultan celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science

13 February 2020
Marine and Air Engineers and Technicians at HMS Sultan recently showed their support for the United Nation’s ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’.

The Commanding Officer of HMS Sultan, Captain John Voyce OBE, joined with trainees from the Defence College of Technical Training’s Royal Navy Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School (RNAESS) and the Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) in order to celebrate women working within the Royal Navy Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and help to challenge global stereotypes. 

Science and gender equality are both vital for the achievement of the UN’s internationally agreed development goals. In order to achieve full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls, and further achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, the United Nations General Assembly declared 11 February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

I joined the Navy as I was interested in a career in engineering and it looked liked a sensible option for when I left school. It’s good as we get to use STEM a lot each day, especially in the classroom

Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) Leah Jones

I’ve only been in the Navy a few years, but already it seems that there are a lot more girls around now as the message is getting out there and more are joining. From working with other Navys it seems like we have more females than others and it would be good to see a change around the world. I think girls have a lot more to offer than they think.” Said Leah Jones, Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering).

Captain Voyce said: “The United Nation’s ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’ offers the Royal Navy a great opportunity to celebrate our world class people and our world class validated professional engineering training.

Engineering is a powerful driver of social mobility and, as an employer, the Royal Navy takes great pride in providing the same opportunities to anyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexuality.”

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