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HMS Tyne sailing under Tower Bridge in London
5 February 2020
What a beautiful sight on a winter’s night…

Traffic over London’s most famous crossing was halted briefly as the spans of Tower Bridge raised to allow HMS Tyne to pass and berth in the Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast.

The patrol vessel is enjoying a three-day break from roaming home waters on the lookout for trawlers which might be breaking international rules by fishing illegally.

In addition the ship acts as an additional pair of eyes and ears keeping watch on goings on around the UK (she was activated over Christmas to monitor the progress of a Russian ship through the Channel).

The Portsmouth-based warship is using her time in the capital to host some of her affiliates, local students who are considering a career in the Royal Navy, and some of the Naval Reservists who live/are based in the London area.

The latter – from HMS President in St Katherine Docks, just a stone’s throw from Tyne’s berth – were given a tour of the 17-year-old ship and given an insight into the work of reservists at sea if they are mobilised.

Tyne is due to head back down the Thames tomorrow.

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