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HMS Albion exercises her right of the Freedom of the City

HMS Albion exercise her right of the Freedom of the City
30 September 2019
Sixteen years to the day that they were first granted the honour, the men and women of Britain’s flagship marched through the streets of Chester.

The Princess Royal watched on as hundreds of well-wishers turned out in inclement weather to watch HMS Albion exercise her right of the Freedom of the City.

With bayonets fixed, flags waving and drums beating, the sailors and Royal Marines pounded the rain-soaked streets of the historic city – the first time they’ve had the opportunity to visit in nearly eight years.

Princess Anne launched the ship in Barrow back in 2001 and has followed the assault ship’s deeds ever since.

She told the massed ranks of immaculately-turned-out military personnel: “As HMS Albion’s lady sponsor it is a very important association for me. Your programme remains busy, hence this third attempt at holding the freedom parade.

“I would like to add my thanks to City of Chester for this impressive occasion and to all of you on parade.

“The interest and support from the city of Chester is much appreciated. This is not something that ships do very often and let me congratulate you on how smart you look on parade. The Royal Navy is frequently out of sight and sadly that means also out of mind. These events are so important to re-engage people with the Royal Navy.”

Albion’s Commanding Officer Captain Peter Laughton told Cestrians that their “unstinting support and commitment” to his ship, which completed a nine-month deployment to the Far East last year.

It is a great honour to be here today – it is approximately eight years since Albion last exercised her last freedom

Commanding Officer Captain Peter Laughton

“This event has three times been rescheduled and rearranged and it is indicative of the very high demand of the Royal Navy across the globe. It is therefore a huge honour – and rare privilege – for us to be here in Chester.

“The depth of our affiliation with Chester City is more than a link between the ship’s command and the link with city council.  We have paid a visit to Claire House Children’s Hospice – our adopted charity – and we are proud of their affiliation with the ship.

“My sincere thanks today go to the chairman of the Council and to the Lord Mayor and to all our affiliations here in Chester and to thank the people of Chester who have turned out to see your affiliated ship exercise the Freedom of the City.”

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