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Prince Charles visits HMS Enterprise in Japan

23 October 2019
HMS Enterprise welcomed His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on board during their port stop in Tokyo for the enthronement of Japan’s new emperor.

Prince Charles was in the country’s capital for the ancient ceremony which will see Emperor Naruhito take the throne but also took time to stop by Enterprise.

He praised the survey ship’s sailors for their work in the Asia Pacific region and learned about the hydrographic work carried out by the vessel.

His Royal Highness congratulated the ship’s company for their hard work and also noted the UK’s on-going collaboration with the Japanese, before joining sailors in a toast to the new emperor.

“I hope you have great success with your on-going work here,” he said, addressing the crew on Enterprise, while she was alongside in Tokyo.

“I was pleased to hear about the work you are doing and the collaboration between both nations.

“Thank you for doing what you do in your remarkable work. We can always rely on the Royal Navy to carry out their tasks.”

As part of his visit, Prince Charles awarded Able Seaman Emily Dixon the Hambone Trophy for getting the best overall marks in her Phase 2 surveyors’ course.

The hydrographics surveyor, from Coventry, admitted it was unexpected to receive the award from a royal.

Normally I would have been given this award at a ceremony in the UK, so to have it awarded on HMS Enterprise, by Prince Charles in Tokyo is really great. I wasn't expecting it. He was very friendly and quite talkative.

Able Seaman Emily Dixon

HMS Enterprise also welcomed Japanese Defence Minister Taro Kano and chief of staff of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Admiral Hiroshi Yamamura, on board during Prince Charles's visit.

They were joined by other Japanese defence officials and British Defence Attache, Captain Simon Staley RN.

After meeting them on the bridge and discussing the UK's relationship with Japan, His Royal Highness met staff from Japanese companies looking at reducing plastic in the ocean.

Petty Officer (Sea) Mary O'Hagan was in charge of the royal visit and getting the ship ready.

She said: "The visit went really well and I am really proud of everyone on board.

"The ceremonial guard looked really good and the ship looked great too.

"It is the first time for a lot of the ship's company to meet a member of the Royal Family and Prince Charles was really personable with them.

“It was a great experience for them."

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