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HMS Westminster sails for NATO deployment

HMS Westminster sails from Portsmouth. Picture: PO Phot Dave Jenkins
22 March 2019
HMS Westminster has sailed from her home port of Portsmouth on a NATO deployment to northern Europe and the Baltic.

The Type 23 Duke-class frigate will join Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) under NATO's Maritime Command. The task group is to deploy to northern Europe and the Baltic region where they will reassure allies of their presence while acting as a deterrent to potential adversaries. 

She will conduct exercises within her task group as well as a variety of port visits that will include capability demonstrations.

We have a ship's company who have recent experience of operating in the area

Commander Will Paston

Commander Will Paston, Westminster's Commanding Officer, said: "We have a ship's company who have recent experience of operating in the area, which is a great opportunity to train with our NATO allies and maintain close ties with our longstanding regional partners."

The SNMG1 is a task group of four ships led by their commander Rear Admiral Edward Cashman of the US Navy, who will be embarked in the Arleigh Burke destroyer USS Gravely.

The other two ships forming the task group are the German Rhön-class tanker FGS Spessart and the Polish frigate ORP General Kazimierz Pulaski. 

Prior to joining SNMG1 HMS Westminster will take part in Exercise Joint Warrior off North Western Scotland. More than 10,000 troops from 14 nations are taking part in the three-week exercise.

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