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Sailors, Royal Marines and RFA personnel recognised for outstanding contribution and excellence on operations

23 January 2019
Rear Admiral Jeremy Kyd commended winners on their outstanding contribution and excellence on operations as he presented the Royal Navy Fleet Effectiveness Awards at HMS Collingwood, the Royal Navy’s largest training establishment.

Every year the Rear Admiral in charge of Surface Ships recognises the extraordinary efforts of thousands of serving personnel by awarding Surface Fleet Effectiveness Trophies to the ship or unit displaying the highest standards of excellence across the year. In addition to their trophy ships are awarded a blue and white pennant to fly.

Rear Admiral Kyd said: “The Fleet Effectiveness Trophies remain the annual opportunity to recognise the extraordinary success of the front line.

“Units receiving the trophy will fly the Fleet Efficiency Pennant for a year, highlighting the success of all those involved including the supporting organisations, friends and most importantly family.

“It has been an honour to award these trophies and I offer my whole hearted congratulations to the worthy winners.”

It has been an honour to award these trophies and I offer my whole hearted congratulations to the worthy winners.

Rear Admiral Jeremy Kyd RN

Plymouth based assault ship HMS Albion is awarded The Capital Ship Effectiveness Trophy.

Covering 33,000 miles on a ten-month deployment, the efforts of Albion’s sailors and Royal Marines saw Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson offer his personal thanks saying: “HMS Albion and her crew have led from the front” and “exemplified what Britain stands for – promoting freedom of navigation, engaging with partners and allies around the world, and fulfilling our global defence commitments.”

Earmarked to lead a NATO task group in the Mediterranean, instead, she was dispatched to the Far East for a wide-ranging tour of duty which took her to Japan (for two months), South Korea, Singapore, Borneo and Oman among other places.

The ship successfully lead the UK task group in the largest military exercise staged in Oman in 17 years, Exercise Saif Sareea 3, involving 65,000 Omani and more than 5,000 British military personnel, including Royal Marines from 40 Commando.

Captain Peter Laughton, who has recently taken over as Commanding Officer of HMS Albion, said: “I am thrilled to receive the Capital Ship Effectiveness Trophy. 

“It is very worthy and exciting recognition of the ship’s exemplary and commendable performance during last year’s ten month global deployment.

“In particular it highlights the unstinting efforts from an extremely proud, professional and highly motivated ship’s company that worked tirelessly to deliver success on operations. 

“As we now reset, recuperate and look ahead to the exciting operational challenges this year, it will be an honour to proudly fly the Efficiency Pennant in the Fleet Flagship.”

Intelligence and information warfare experts from 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group are awarded the Maritime Signals Intelligence Trophy for amongst other things their ground breaking work in support of HMS Albion’s deployment.

RFA Tidespring is awarded The RFA Ship of the Year following a busy year of firsts at sea. Tidespring is the first in class of the UK’s new tankers built specifically to provide worldwide fuel support to the two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers and their task groups.

Captain Richard Davies, Commanding Officer RFA Tidespring is proud of their achievements: “After a busy first year of service RFA Tidespring is delighted to have been awarded the Fleet Effectiveness Trophy 2018 for Royal Fleet Auxiliaries.

Her smooth entry into the fleet and her ability to deliver on task nearly continuously throughout 2018 is testament to the efforts of her ships company and those who support her from ashore.

The highlight of the year remains deploying with HMS Queen Elizabeth to the USA this autumn and escorting her home to Portsmouth.

Tidespring ended 2018 at sea spending Christmas and the New Year period doing what she does best - delivering on operations.”

Portsmouth based HMS Mersey is awarded The Offshore Patrol Vessel Effectiveness Trophy. Recognised as having exemplified the spirit of the Fishery Protection Squadron, the award citation commends the ships company for “remaining upbeat and positive, demonstrating their ability to adapt to challenging operational tempo” it goes on to highlight the “flexibility, professionalism and positive approach to everything they have accomplished in 2018”.

HMS Mersey spent most of 2018 at very high readiness, prepared to deploy on marine enforcement tasking on behalf of the Marine Management Organisation or escort vessels of interest through UK waters. 

HMS Mersey also flew the flag for the UK answering a short notice call to support the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo hosting high profile guests and senior members of foreign navies on board.

Scotland based Mine Countermeasures clearance divers from MCM1 Crew 5 were awarded The Fleet Diving Unit Trophy marking the first time a diving team from a ship has won the award.

Proving a pivotal part of capability on a NATO deployment the experienced team are recognised for an extremely strong performance and commended for having “Demonstrated the very essence that makes the Royal Navy Clearance Diving Branch the envy of the world and they are thoroughly deserving of recognition.”

MCM1 Crew 5 were delighted to receive the award reflecting their hard work at home and abroad, Crew 5's Diving Officer Lt Ryan Hughes RN said "I am immensely proud of every member of my team and the recognition they have been given. We look forward to an equally successful 2019."

Those unable to attend the award ceremony due to operational commitments will be presented their awards during the early part of this year.

Full list of winners for 2018/19

Capital Ship Effectiveness Trophy - HMS Albion

Destroyer Effectiveness Trophy - HMS Duncan

Frigate Effectiveness Trophy - HMS Westminster

RFA Ship of the Year - RFA Tidespring

Offshore Patrol Vessel Effectiveness Trophy - HMS Mersey

Mine Countermeasures Effectiveness Trophy - MCM2 Crew 2

HM Effectiveness Trophy - HMS Protector

Inshore Patrol Vessel Effectiveness Trophy - HMS Blazer

Above Water Warfare Trophy - HMS Argyll

Under Water Warfare Trophy - HMS St Albans

Electronic Warfare Trophy - HMS Diamond

Communications Trophy - HMS Enterprise

Fleet Diving Unit Trophy - MCM1 Crew 5

Fleet Intelligence Trophy - HMS Diamond

Maritime Signal Intelligence Trophy - 30 CDO IX Group RM Operational Intelligence Team

Fleet Engineering Excellence Award - HMS Westminster

Fleet Seamanship - HMS Argyll

Naval Capability Trophy - HMS Queen Elizabeth

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