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Royal Navy captain makes special homecoming to Gibraltar

22 August 2019
It was a proud moment for Commander Cecil Ladislaus as he sailed a ship into his homeland of Gibraltar for the first time as a commanding officer.

HMS Enterprise is in Gibraltar for a routine port stop in between surveying operations in the Mediterranean, but it gave her CO a chance to mark a significant personal milestone.

Although Cdr Ladislaus has visited Gibraltar on other Royal Navy ships, this is the first time he has returned as commanding officer.

He said: “I have been privileged enough to have the opportunity to come to Gibraltar on many occasions with previous ships – HMS Gloucester as a young officer, HMS Turbulent as a watch navigator and later watch leader and HMS Echo as First Lieutenant and again later as Executive Officer.

Going into any port as a captain is a great experience but to come into Gibraltar, to return home, is a really special moment.

Commander Cecil Ladislaus RN

“But nothing beats coming here for the first time as a captain of a Royal Navy ship.

“Going into any port as a captain is a great experience but to come into Gibraltar, to return home, is a really special moment.

"It means a lot to share this with the ship’s company of HMS Enterprise and to make this visit while we continue our important work.”

Cdr Ladislaus left the Rock in 1995 to study civil engineering at Nottingham University. In January 2000 he joined the Navy and after a career in various different roles he was promoted to commander last summer.

His wife and children will visit him while Enterprise is alongside in Gibraltar, with family and friends also getting a tour of the ship.

HMS Enterprise runs a three-watch-manning routine which means the ship can remain on deployment for long periods bit still give personnel the chance to return to the UK.

Ready to deploy globally, she represents unique capabilities that allow the Royal Navy to quickly respond to changes in the global situation.

The survey ship is in the Mediterranean gathering data to ensure charts are up to date. Later this year, she will head to the western Pacific to build upon strong defence ties and demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the peace and prosperity of the region.

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