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Son 'promotes' father in unique ceremony

7 August 2019
A junior officer ‘promoted’ his father during a ceremony at HMS Collingwood.

Sub Lieutenant Brendon Antenbring, 23, was given the honour of promoting his father, also called Brendon Antenbring, to the rank of Petty Officer.

PO Antenbring, 47, is currently undergoing the PO Engineering Technician (POET) Career Course at the Fareham site, gaining promotion from Leading Hand.

Commander Jonathan Pearce, the Officer Commanding the Weapon Engineering Training Group, identified that SLt Antenbring was also serving in the training group and had just successfully completed the System Engineering Management Course.

Brendon senior joined the Navy in 2009 as a Weapon Engineer Submariner and since joining, he has served on HMS Victorious, HMS Vengeance and in Afghanistan.

Joining the Navy as a Submariner in 2018, son Brendon is now looking forward to moving on to the next phase of his career as having completed his training at HMS Collingwood, he too will move on to HMS Raleigh.

I was immensely proud to be presented my promotion by my son, who is starting his life from a good position. It gives me confidence that his mum and I did something right.

Petty Officer Antenbring, HMS Raleigh

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