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Royal Navy Physical Trainers put on spectacular passing out parade

23 November 2018
IT WAS a spectacular show of strength, fitness and agility at the Passing Out Parade of the Royal Navy’s latest batch of Physical Training Instructors (PTIs).

There were acrobatics, rope climbing, club swinging, the horn pipe and pyrotechnics as family, friends and navy VIPs gathered for the event at HMS Temeraire, in Portsmouth.

The impressive displays showcased how far the LPTQC 64 PTIs have come during the 26-week course and celebrated the traditional ways sailors used to keep fit.

A short comedy sketch also entertained the crowd with the parade ending with a presentation of certificates, PT badges and prizes by special guest Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Ben Key

It is a day everyone involved looks forward to

Petty Officer Physical Trainer (POPT) Karl Thorpe

Petty Officer Physical Trainer (POPT) Karl Thorpe, based at Temeraire, said: “This parade is the culmination of 26 weeks of hard work. It shows how sailors in the Royal Navy kept in top shape while on the ships with the rope climbing and ladder routine.

“There is also the horn pipe and the club swinging which is a traditional part of being a PTI.

“We spend about 23 weeks planning the parade as we do it all out-of-hours. It is a day everyone involved looks forward to.”

Around 120 people attended the parade which started with a short video clip showing what the PTIs did during their course.

POPT Thorpe, 32, added: “It is quite hard to explain what it is we do so the clip shows the friends and families what we get up to. The parade also gives the PTIs a chance to show their strength and fitness and what they have achieved over the past few months.”

The 10 PTIs have been assigned to different bases across the UK. Those to pass out were LPT Martin Brazier, LPT Holly Cole, LPT Patrick Coy, LPT Sam Dew, LPT Tyler Dunmow, LPT Matt James, LPT Luke Machon, LPT Eldon Myers, LPT Sharlotte Pape and LPT Bart Thomas

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