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German Officer Cadets visit BRNC for training

14 November 2018
Officer Cadets from the German Naval Academy have joined their Royal Navy counterparts for a 12-day training package at Britannia Royal Naval College.

The highlight of the group’s visit to Dartmouth was a week-long exercise, which started at the Oakhampton battle camp. 

There the Cadets from both Navies were shown how to live and operate in the field. Split into mixed teams the Cadets also took part in a navigation exercise across Dartmoor.

During their time in Dartmouth, the group of 20 were visited by the German Naval Attaché, Captain Matthias Schmid, who watched as the Cadets took to the college grounds for a series of tasks based on real-life scenarios. 

At sea you are never alone.

Lieutenant Tilo Hocke

The tasks ranged from setting up communications to evacuating casualties and protecting vital equipment dropped from a helicopter. 

Each Cadet was given the chance to lead the challenge, watched and assessed by the College staff.

Lieutenant Tilo Hocke, the German Naval Liaison Officer who works on the staff at BRNC, said: “At sea you are never alone.

The cadets are put together in groups at BRNC and do realise that they can work with each other immediately, as the procedures taught are of the same standard.

Therefore, the visit is an invaluable chance for the cadets, German as well as British ones, to experience international cooperation and mutual trust at a very early stage of training.”

BRNC has a twinning agreement with the Marineschule Mürwik (MSM), which is located in the city of Flensburg.  The German Officer Cadets visit annually as a way of fostering understanding between the two Navies.

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