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URNU Weapon Engineer Officer Insight Scheme launched

8 May 2018
The URNU Weapon Engineer Officer Insight Scheme was recently launched with an Insight Day at HMS Collingwood, Home of the Weapon Engineering Branch. 23 students from 10 different URNUs across the country signed up to the scheme.

Weapon Engineer Officer Insight Scheme LaunchedThe opening remarks for the Insight Day were given by the Fleet Weapon Engineer Officer, Cdr Gavin Edward RN, who formally welcomed the attendees to HMS Collingwood and urged them to be inquisitive in order to make the very most of the day.

A brief by Lt Ben Slater RN, from the Captain Naval Recruiting organisation, followed which highlighted the variety of roles available to Weapon Engineer Officers.

SLt Will Hill then gave a very engaging presentation on his experiences of training and his current role as Combat Systems Officer in HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Lt Cdr Paul Maddison gave a brief on his role as the Weapon Engineering general service branch manager, a detailed breakdown of a Weapon Engineer Officer's role at sea, the training pipeline and the employment pattern up to becoming a WEO. 

He also covered the numerous benefits to the students by becoming graduate Weapon Engineer Officers including the £27,000 joining bonus, the route to Chartered Engineer status, MSc opportunities, City and Guilds accreditation and the huge number of opportunities that are on the horizon with new platforms due to enter service with the RN in future years.

The Insight Day was hugely successful with tremendously positive feedback and to echo the words of the Branch Manager - there has never been a better time to join the Weapon Engineering Branch as an officer

Lieutenant Will Jones RN, Commanding Officer Oxford URNU and creator of the Insight Scheme

Mid Nick Chrumka, Oxford URNU, then briefed the attendees on his recent acquaint with the Maritime Capability Trials and Assessments organisation which directly ties into the benefits of the Insight Scheme.

Lt Will Jones RN, creator of the Insight Scheme, issued the attendees with Insight Scheme packs that included the history of the branch since 1946, an explanation of the WE colours, a detailed breakdown of the training pipeline and a breakdown of the career path up to WEO. He then formally presented them with Weapon Engineering lanyards.

After a short lunch at HMS Collingwood Wardroom the group headed over to HMS Queen Elizabeth in HMNB Portsmouth for a WE tour led by SLt Will Hill. They were shown a large amount of the ship including the very impressive hangar, flight deck and wardroom. It was clear throughout that the students were in awe at the scale of the ship and her capabilities!

The students then headed over to the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Diamond for tour of WE compartments and equipment on board led by the Communications and Information Systems Officer Lt James Dudley RN.

This covered the hangar, including a brief on the M3M 0.50 Cal machine gun, the air weapons magazine, the ops room, the bridge, Harpoon, the 4.5" gun including drill round handling, the gunbay, a Phalanx, a brief on the multi function radar and a brief on the Sea Viper missile system. The tour was then wrapped up with a Q&A session in the wardroom.

Lt Will Jones RN, creator of the Insight Scheme and Commanding Officer Oxford URNU said: "The Insight Day was hugely successful with tremendously positive feedback and to echo the words of the branch manager - there has never been a better time to join the Weapon Engineering branch as an officer".

2018 is 'The Year of Engineering' in the Royal Navy and there are 15 URNUs located across the UK offering opportunities to 750 undergraduates from the country’s leading universities.

The URNU's mission is, 'To develop an understanding of the Naval Service in undergraduates, so that those who go into civilian employment are positive advocates thereof and to facilitate a Naval Career for those who choose one."

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