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Lords of the Rings as Service boxers raise thousands for charity

20 March 2018
The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force came to blows last week to raise money for charity.

Lords of the Rings as service boxers raise thousands for charityThe HMS Neptune Charity Boxing Show took place in HM Naval Base Clyde’s Warrant Officers’ and Senior Rates’ Mess and spectators were treated to a glittering evening of high class boxing and excellent food while raising more than £2,000 for good causes.

Twelve of the Royal Navy and the RAF’s best boxers took part in the HMS Neptune Charity Boxing Event, fighting it out to determine which branch of the military would be lords of the ring.

Local fundraisers, service personnel and boxing impresarios watched six exciting bouts with the RAF coming out on top 4-2. The fights were very well matched by head coaches Leading Physical Trainer Andy O’Donnell and  Staff Sergeant Tom Penny.

There was also an exhibition match on the night, which saw two airmen fight it out for a place on the RAF Boxing Team.

Alongside the boxing was a raffle, tote and silent auction with all money raised going towards the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and the Helensburgh Branch of Enable.

It’s great to bring the local community and the Naval Base together for an eventful, entertaining evening, developing relationships and networking

Petty Officer Physical Training 'Dizzy' Dawson, event organiser

Enable Helensburgh provide support to disabled adults, adults with learning difficulties and their families in and around the Helensburgh area and the money raised will make a huge difference.

Tony Pearson, a representative for Enable Helensburgh spoke movingly about why events such as these are so important, “Enable Helensburgh have a very special relationship with HM Naval Base Clyde.

“I’d tell people to come to events like this because you’ve got to be caring, you’ve got to look after people – and then you’ll get it back in masses yourself.”

The aim for this annual boxing event is to offer personnel the chance to develop their boxing skills and the opportunity to fight at a higher level.

As any boxer will know, boxing enhances so many of the services core values from self-discipline and dedication to courage. By exercising these abilities in the boxing ring, boxers can use the transferable skills learned and employ them in the military environment.

Petty Officer Physical Training “Dizzy” Dawson, who organised the event, said: “It was a fantastic night of boxing. There’s always a healthy spirit of competition between the services and each and every fighter gave it one-hundred percent.

“It’s great to bring the local community and the Naval Base together for an eventful, entertaining evening, developing relationships and networking. We have had a lot of positive feedback from the show.”

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