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Commander Maritime Reserves meets the Ship’s Company of HMS King Alfred

16 March 2018
A busy drill night as Commodore Martin Quinn ADC RNR, Commander Maritime Reserves, visited Portsmouth-based Royal Naval Reserve Unit HMS King Alfred and conducted a question and answer session for all ranks and rates.

It was a busy evening for HMS King Alfred as Commodore Martin Quinn, Commander Maritime Reserves and a Royal Navy Reservist himself visited to see the unit in action.

A particularly valuable part of the evening for the Ship’s Company was the question and answer sessions that the Commodore oversaw with each group of ranks and rates.

The Commodore was particularly impressed with the Junior Rates and their new mess committee and appreciated the chance to discuss experiences of the RNR with some of the new joiners.

HMS King Alfred is the largest RNR unit in the South and covers a catchment area from Sussex to Dorset and north to the top of Hampshire.

The unit is currently recruiting and offers a wide range of roles and specialisations.

To find out more about career opportunities visit the website: or consider registering for the HMS King Alfred Open Day (RNR Live event) at Whale Island, Portsmouth on Saturday 24 March by calling: 03456 00 32 22

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