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US Ambassador praises RN female police officer

8 March 2018
Naval female law enforcers shared their expertise with their American counterparts at the new US Embassy in London.

Members of the Naval Women’s Network and Compass, the RN’s sexual orientation and gender identity network, were invited to join a discussion on parity in law enforcement in celebration of International Women’s Day.

US Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson opened proceedings, telling delegates that “including women is a no-brainer to me”.

He continued: “Today is about helping women open up doors and why leadership in security and defence are open to them. It is about getting the best and brightest and women are going to be at the forefront of that.”

The Royal Navy is proud to represent our diversity journey to partner organisations...

Lt Cdr Mike Hill

Guests were invited to share their experiences and listen to accounts from across the defence and law enforcement sectors.

“Understanding the mutual challenges faced by organisations, the importance of diversity and how we can support progress through talent development and mentorship is essential to ensure we maximise the services we provide,” said investigator MAA Cat Redmond.

Colleen Manaber, executive director for planning, program analysis and evaluation for US Customs and Border Protection added: “We have to acknowledge the place in the workforce, we have to be flexible and we have to empower everyone.”

Compass Co-Chair Surg Lt Cdr Mike Hill said he was proud that all roles in the Royal Navy were open to women.

“The Royal Navy is proud to represent our diversity journey to partner organisations as we strive to maximise our operational capabilities,” he added.

“By working across sectors internationally we not only better represent the communities we serve, but ensure we maximise the talents of our sailors and marines.”

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