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Admiral Lord Nelson School plays the STEM numbers game

26 June 2018
The latest instalment in the 2018 BAE/RN/RAF Schools science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Roadshow “It’s a numbers game…”, arrived into HMS Excellent for a special performance to 50 Year 7 school children from the Admiral Lord Nelson School.

Focusing on the practical applications of mathematics and physics in engineering and technology, the high-tempo performance seeks to engage young people in STEM subjects and inspire them to think about STEM-related careers in the future.

The roadshow, now in its thirteenth year is the largest ever schools programme of its kind.

In hosting the event, Commodore Andy Cree said, “In the Year of Engineering 2018, it is vitally important that we engage and enthuse these children in STEM subjects early on.

Harnessing their interest in STEM related subjects delivers a much better opportunity of them pursuing a career in engineering

Commodore Andy Cree RN

“Harnessing their interest in STEM related subjects delivers a much better opportunity of them pursuing a career in engineering, something which not only the Royal Navy but the local region, industry and the country can benefit from.”

The STEM focus of the Roadshow changes annually and includes the latest aircraft, ships and other Naval technology, without references to warfighting or weapons.

This year’s performance focuses on the importance and applications of mathematics in engineering and includes an activity to balance the loading of different aircraft (F35, Wildcat, Merlin and Chinook) on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The BAE/RN/RAF Schools STEM Roadshow has been recognised nationally as providing both best practice and value for money in STEM engagement.

A carefully scripted performance delivered by two teams of professional presenters, the Roadshow tours the UK visiting at least two schools a day during term times. This year the Roadshow will visit over 420 schools and reach over 130,000 children.

During the Year of Engineering, the Royal Navy are looking to raise the profile of engineering across all walks of life and highlighting the way engineers are involved in our everyday activities whilst encouraging younger people to take a closer look at engineering as a career and the STEM subjects that support it.

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