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Royal Navy sponsored students get a taste of training

25 July 2018
Trainee doctors, dentists and bursars, who are being sponsored through university by the Royal Navy, have swapped their studies for a week-long acquaint at Britannia Royal Naval College.

Split into two groups over two weeks, the Bursar and Medic Acquaint Courses (BMAC) are designed to be challenging, demanding and exciting. 

BMACs give an insight into basic training for Officers and are mandated for all those under the sponsorship scheme.

This year the cadets were accommodated on Hindustan, a decommissioned minesweeper, now used at BRNC’s training ship, which gave the cadets an opportunity to see what life is like on board a warship. 

Through these challenging activities the cadets learn that they can go further than they ever thought possible and do the extraordinary.

Sub Lieutenant Lewis Ginger

Sub Lieutenant Lewis Ginger, BRNC’s Sponsored Undergraduate Staff Officer, led the courses.  He said:  “The BMAC course consists of drill, debates, lectures, strategic lessons, presentations, boat handling, high and low ropes, physical activities and numerous inspections. 

“My cadets are always on the go, learning to deal with changing situations and challenges.  This is their chance to experience the training delivered at BRNC and push themselves. 

“Through these challenging activities the cadets learn that they can go further than they ever thought possible and do the extraordinary. 

“As always the cadets have shown the highest levels of determination and professionalism and I am sure they will do well here in the future.”

There are currently 113 sponsored undergraduates.  They are administered through Blake Squadron throughout their education. 

The students attend an Admiralty Interview Board alongside other potential officer candidates then assuming they score highly enough, are offered a place on the scheme.

The Royal Navy offers generous schemes for all branches.  Blake Squadron currently holds students undertaking doctor, dentist, logistics, warfare and engineering schemes.


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